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180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture

Make every step in the hiring process a test. In addition to any skills tests your organization may use, build in ways to test things like initiative, responsibility, and interpersonal skills. For example: Did the candidate review your website prior to the interview? Was the candidate courteous and friendly to members of your staff? The list of creative test possibilities truly is limitless.

Hire people for who they are! The number one mistake most employers make is to value previous experience above all else. In today's rapidly changing world, however, experience is "how it used to be done" or how we've always done it. Whenever possible, hire people for who they are - for traits like hard working, intelligent, good team players, etc. - rather than just what they already know or have done before.

Use targeted team interviews. Have multiple interviewers focus on evaluating different applicant factors and characteristics. Divvy-up things like work history, technical skills, teamwork, enthusiasm, honesty, and integrity among the group. And be sure to ask each candidate the same questions. A structured interview composed of standardized questions is the best way to fairly evaluate applicants and avoid legal pitfalls.

Ask attitude questions. Examples of attitude questions are: What is most important to you in a job? Tell me about a time you went out of your way to be honest. What was your least favorite activity in your last job? What's your definition of a good employee?

Use your Performance Appraisal Form in interviews. Since selected candidates will be evaluated according to this form, use it to discuss applicant experience and success with the desired behaviors. For instance, if a part of your performance appraisal measures ability to meet goals, ask what goals applicants have had and how they were met ... or why they weren't met.

Tip from 180 Ways To Build A Magnetic Culture by Eric Harvey and Mel Kleiman

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