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Take advantage of the many new tools, machines, accessories and ideas relative to machine reliability.

Don't expect change from maintaining historical ideas and methods.

Begin by getting the Executives and Management in your organization on board and spread the belief throughout your co-workers. Take ownership of the reliability process. Get everyone trained in best practices and certified. Go slow and steady and remember that that which is not measured cannot be improved.

Foster a mentality of constant improvement and never turn down a chance to try something new that might add benefit.  Be the reliability champion in your organization by spreading the word and mentoring the new employees and constantly seeking support from above.

Close the gap between purchasing and operations and maintenance so there is only us, the team with one goal.

Demand that your vendors offer more than bid winning products and ask for help training the staff and finding new ideas, products and systems.

Never be deterred , never fall back and never let anyone stop the momentum.

Reader tip provided by Mark O'Brien, Reliability Consultant, Lubrication Engineers, Inc., Clovis New Mexico

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