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Book Smarts or Getting Smart with Books

With the travel restrictions many organizations are facing attending seminars or training events are no longer an option. Are those who can no longer travel doomed to stop learning or being exposed to new concepts or ideas? An alternative may be utilizing books as educational tools to continue the learning process in tough times.

Identify the topic you wish to expose your staff to. Research which book provides the details, methodologies, and concepts you want to share. This will require you as the initiator spend a little time reading and ensuring the material paints the same picture you envision for your organization. Purchase the books for those you want to educate.

Don't simply hand a book with the instructions read it. Gatherer the group and talk about what insight you gained from it, explain why you feel it is important for them to gain the same insight. Present the book with highlighters and tell everyone to highlight what they found interesting, what they agree with, or disagree with. Identify a time frame when you will meet as a group again and discuss what was highlighted in each person's book.

Don't overlook the most critical aspect of utilizing books to educate. Meet to ensure it was read, and everyone walks away with the same take-away you did. A small investment with a huge return if executed properly.

Just like my parents told me... Go read a book and get smart.

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