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Dealing with Negativity - Learning Points

Learning Points:

Change – these are events or physical happenings – they are external.

Transition – this is moving from one state or stage to another. This is how we deal with change. This is the psychological process that people go through as they deal with change and this is where it is determined whether the change was good or bad – this is internal.

To create change, you need to challenge the status quo and discover that change is sometimes a result of the challenge.

Persistence is a simple way of winning people over. Once they see that you believe in what you are doing and that you are going to continue to do it, they will come on board.

Find partners everywhere you can -- suppliers, sister plants, even competitors if there is a common benefit.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. When you find a solution, look for other areas in the organization where you can use that solution.

Benchmark with yourself. How are you doing compared to before you started on the journey? Compare like equipment to identify ‘bad actors.’ Compare the performance of your people to identify the opportunity for training or advancement.

Ensure that decisions and involvement are made at the lowest organizational level possible, as close to the problem as possible. Involvement encourages interest and interest encourages solutions.

Don’t forget to review the roadmap and communicate your progress to everyone involved.

Tip from People: A Reliability Success Story by Cliff Williams

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