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Description of the Training Process

A flawless effort is possible but only with adequate training. It is important that everyone, especially those immediately involved, know exactly what they are to do and how to do it.

The training program as described in the lesson plan which follows should not last more than one hour and should be conducted the week prior to the initiation of the actual survey. This allows for the training to be closely coupled with the actual process minimizing any problems or confusion.

The training should be “kicked off” by the site manager. It is vitally important for ultimate success that everyone knows that the manager is in total support of the effort and expects the team to complete it with timely and accurate information. This is also the time to stress that the goal is to identify problems and fix them, not punish people for telling the truth. The balance of the training must be conducted by the site champion. In this way the work effort is started with a clear understanding of who is the project manager and who they can go to for problem resolution.

Training Lesson Plan

TopicTime (min.)Discussion
Agenda Review 5
  • What the training will address so that the work sampling project can be a success
Work Sampling - What it is and what it is not 5
  • Recognition of the possible past problems with this type of effort
  • To clear up misconceptions
  • To begin developing an understanding of what the work effort is all about
  • Explain and reinforce that it is not designed to find people problems. It is process problem focused.
Why Are We Doing It? 5
  • Overall productivity baseline data and future periodic reviews
  • An understanding of productivity problems to be addressed—process, not people
Discussion of a Valid Sample 5
  • Stress honesty. This is a very critical success factor for this effort
  • Also, timeliness of data submission
Sampling Procedure 10
  • Discussion of how the sampling procedure works. It is important that those to be sampled understand what to do and when to do it.
  • Identify who will be making the foremen contacts and where to submit the forms—the coordinator
  • Problems and what to do about them (see section 3.3)
Direct Category 5
  • Review all definitions for understanding so that observations are accurate
Indirect Category 5
  • Same as direct
Non-Productive Category 5
  • Same as direct
Questions 15
Close by site lead if possible
  • Make sure they know who to call for help

Tip from Measuring Maintenance Workforce Productivity - Made Simple by Stephen J. Thomas

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