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How Important is Maintenance Planning in Your Organization?

Everyone realizes planning is important; in fact, it has become so important that in many organizations, everyone is focusing on some amount of time on maintenance planning. Unfortunately, it's with most of the wrong roles involved. What's see in numerous organization is that the maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors and even maintenance crafts are consumed throughout there days planning work. Now, for those organization that have dedicated planners, well they spend their days finding parts, compiling reports, and sometimes fetching coffee for those planning. It's been repeatedly proven that planning saves money, but not when everyone is doing it. A trained and dedicated planner can plan for up to 30 maintenance crafts, save money and allow maintenance managers and supervisors to dedicate themselves to their respective roles. If you do not have a dedicated planner, add a line item in your plan to establish one. It's easy money to be saved.

Tip provided by: Dave Bertolini, CRL, Managing Principal

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