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How To Deal With Initiative Overload

Create a leadership process for the culture change based on boundary setting that creates freedom for the workers and proprietors to make decisions aligned within standards established through reflection and dialogue. Management must learn how to create boundaries for cross functional teams so that the teams are free to make decisions on their own that are within tolerable levels of risk to management. The focus of management's work should be to avoid two other kinds of imperfections -- excesses and recycle.

This requires conscious and creative energy. The best questions a manager can ask are "Where did the excess energy come from that created these defects?" and "How can we keep this kind of a failure from happening again in the future since we can't change the past or the present?"

Excerpt from "Initiative Overload?" Article by Winston Ledet, The Manufacturing Game and Author of "Don't Just Fix It, Improve It! A Journey to the Precision Domain"

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