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Improve Lubrication Practices to Decrease Maintenance Budget

Improve Lubrication Practices to Decrease Maintenance Budget

When someone talks about the cost of lubrication, our minds immediately jump to the oil or grease that is applied to the machine. The focus is on how much is spent on oil or grease and is it really possible to significantly lower the cost of the lubricant? In most cases the answer to this question is “no”, since most companies spend less than 1-2% of their maintenance budget on lubricants.

Did you know?

When the process of lubrication is performed sub-optimally, those costs can add up to 10-30% of a plant’s maintenance budget!

Precision lubrication involves a whole lot more than the oil or grease that’s applied; it’s the process by which we select, store, apply, keep clean, sample, and eventually change out or re-apply the lubricant.

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Tip Provided by: Jarrod Potteiger, Des-Case Corporation

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