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KPIs for High Performance Maintenance Team

General Rules which must be followed:

1. Metrics cannot be used to penalize anyone; they are to be used as a navigation tool.

2. Metrics for your maintenance team must be focused on how they impact equipment or facility performance.


  • Are our PMs working, preventing failures?

Fig 1

  • Is the Mean Time Between Failure of critical assets increasing?

Fig 2

  • Are the maintenance repairs made correctly? Rework?

Fig 3

  • What is the number of Breaks to the maintenance schedule by Maintenance and by Production?

Fig 4

  • The percentage of PM/PdMs which are focused on specific failure modes.

Fig 5

Guiding Principles for Metrics

a. When a metric demonstrates a problem allow the Maintenance Team to recommend a solution.

b. The question to ask of the Maintenance Team is: "How do the metrics look to you?" and "What do we need to do to change the metric if needed?

c. In order for a metric to move positive or negative management must have patience and enough data points to ensure the action taken resulted in the right affect?

d. Maintenance Team metrics must be posted for all to see and updated daily or weekly.

e. Allow the Maintenance Team to create other metrics which work better for your situation.

f. Always ask: "will this metric tell me if a process is working or not."

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