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What really is a roadmap? And do you have one? Or, are you simply throwing darts at a dart board?

A long term strategy for maintenance asset/facility performance and work force efficiency.

A map which shows software, process and organizational requirements - including culture change ~~ A process which has clear roles and responsibilities, plus support from stakeholders ~~ A relationships diagram which links inputs to outputs (analytical reports) ~~ A strategy which supports continuous and sustained improvement ~~ Buy-in from working level which empowers the users ~~ Training on the real "end game" - not just application navigation

This roadmap provides a management reference which links together all their CMMS initiatives. It can also be quite useful for annual budgeting and long range planning. If successfully implemented it can lead to reduced O&M costs. You know you will have succeeded as a process improvement team when this roadmap is posted in the managers office.

Reader tip by John Reeve,
Dir Bus Proc Engr
Interloc Solutions
Chattanooga Tennessee

Thank you John, we have made a donation of $10 to the Harry Chapin Foodbank on your behalf as a thank you for sharing this tip

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