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Equipment modifications are a key component of transforming a lubrication program from one that is average to one that is truly world-class. Many of the best practice methods for lubricating, inspecting and collecting oil samples require minor modifications to the machines. Normally, these modifications will not require a lot of time and expense and many can actually be performed while the equipment is in operation.

When contamination control is important sumps should be fitted with several items. Each critical application should have quick-connect fittings for lubricant transfers and offline filtration. Contamination exclusion methods such as desiccant breathers and upgraded seals should also be considered.

A system should be developed to create standards for each type, class and criticality level of equipment. With such standards in place, and existing equipment modified, it will become easy to properly fit new equipment and maintain an efficient and effective precision lubrication program.

Tip Provided by: Jarrod Potteiger, Product and Educational Services Manager
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