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Optimization of the Operations and Maintenance Phase

Optimal yield during this phase of the asset’s lifecycle is only achieved in organizations that span a holistic focus, from lower to higher complexity. This brings about close and intimate work between the areas of operations and maintenance, given that these two areas are jointly enablers, allowing you to achieve the requirements of the business plan.

While there are many definitions of maintenance, it can be defined and directed as a process to obtain optimal reimbursements of expenses (cap-ital). This is why you need to identify an asset management system as an integral part of the model of management of the asset’s lifecycle, as defined previously.

During the operations and maintenance stages of an asset’s lifecycle, the formula in Figure 4 can be used to obtain optimal performance. Optimal performance is equal to optimal availability multiplied by optimal efficiency.

Figure 4: Optimal performance diagram

Tip from The Ingredients for Building Your Dream by Luis Amendola

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