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There is a constant conflict between the maintenance organization and the MRO inventory and purchasing organization. The maintenance point of view is highlighted in Figure 1-2. The maintenance concerns are focused on having the part on hand when it is needed. When maintenance is in a proactive mode, this is typically not an issue. However, when maintenance is in a reactive mode, it is virtually impossible for a storeroom to have every part that might be needed on a moment’s notice. It is for this reason that maintenance must be moving towards creating a proactive environment. If the maintenance organization is not proactive, it is unlikely that MRO inventory and purchasing will be successful.

Figure 1-2 MRO Materials—Maintenance

Figure 1-3 MRO Materials—Inventory

Figure 1-3 highlights the inventory point of view for MRO materials. As can be seen, the MRO organization is interested in providing good service to the maintenance organization. The MRO organization focuses on using good inventory controls to accomplish this goal. So the MRO organization is concerned about their safety stock, the reorder point, the economic order quantity, and usage patterns. The MRO organization will also need good, complete data to track the proper costs, delivery times, and levels of support that are necessary, always focusing on the lowest overall cost.

The conflict between maintenance and the MRO organization arises when neither sees the big picture. If they can focus on being able to deliver equipment capacity, they can be successful. The MRO organization supplies the spare parts; the maintenance organization then uses the spare parts to ensure that the company’s assets perform properly. Without focusing on a partnership to accomplish this, there will always be conflicts between the two organizations.

Tip from Maintenance Strategy Series Volume 2 - MRO Inventory and Purchasing by Terry Wireman

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