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Lubricant contamination is one of the leading causes for machine failure, and contamination can begin before the lubricant enters the machine. Consider how your company handles bulk lubricants. The standard 55 gallon drum can be a breeding ground for contamination if poor practices are being carried out. Something as simple as the change in ambient temperature from day to night will enable contaminants to pass through the sealed bungs as the lubricant inside thermally expands and contracts.

The most effective way to control the ingression of contaminants is to store your lubricants in a well designed, fully-functional permanent bulk oil storage system. Desiccant breathers can also be added to oil storage systems to remove any moisture. When selecting a bulk oil storage system, consider operating conditions and then select the best materials for your application. Totes are typically manufactured of carbon steel or stainless steel, and if your lubricant storage area is not climate controlled, stainless steel totes are recommended. Bulk oil storage systems will improve the effectiveness of your total lubrication management program and ensure lubricants are in the right condition when putting them in your equipment.

Tip provided by: Kelly Wollschlager - Senior Reliability Tech
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