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Returning Left Over Maintenance Parts from a Kit Back to the Storeroom

When parts are left over from a planned maintenance Kit, how are they to be returned to the storeroom? All, parts that are returned must be certified as a good part that can be stored in the storeroom for future reuse. That means the part must meet OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer Specifications) standards. In other words it must be in a useable condition and complete.

It can handle be handled in two ways. The first is to adjust in the balance to a storeroom location. The advantage of this is that the transaction in the system plus the physical labor of binning it is quickly done. An email to the planner can explain the part being returned. However, the part return cannot be tracked if it is an inventory adjustment.

The second method is to de-allocate the work order by a negative balance, issue and close it out. This method tracks the return in the system, and displays it as a transaction in the inventory file. The planner can then pick that transaction up from a system look up.

Due to the volume of parts and the majority of storerooms visited, the first method is used primarily, with information being passed onto the planner.

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Tip Provided By: Daniel DeWald CPIM, CMRP, CPM, CPMM, Senior Consultant
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