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Safe storage for your oil and lubricants is important
Items stored should be in a separate, dedicated, locking steel storage shed to store all the flammables. The storage shed considered should:

  • Be a separate building away from the main building
  • Controlled by the storeroom with inventories managed
  • All Materials identified with hazardous markings (MSDS)
  • Recommended sizes include:
    20 foot long Metal shipping container
    Pre-Fabricated metal shed about 20 x 10' ( with flame retardant)
  • Racks can be used to store oils and lubricants, with drains so that any oil that leaks can be captured.
  • The building is ventilated to allow air intake and outtake.
  • Note: If there is a low combustible temperature, and there is a possibility of being reached during the summer, then temperature controls need to be put in place.
  • Storeroom issues bulk oil in smaller containers, keeping track of the inventory levels for replenishment

Lubricants and other flammables that can be stored include: Kerosene, Fuel Canisters, Gas Cans, Paint, Cleaners, Degreasers, Thinners, Decontamination fluids, Oils of all descriptions, etc.

Tip Provided by: Dan Dewald, CPIM
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