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Did you know that 70% of component replacements or "loss of usefulness" are due to surface degradation? In hydraulic and lubricating systems, 20% of these replacements result from corrosion while the remaining 50% result from mechanical wear.

In fact, the majority of mechanical wear is caused by particle contamination, which can result from:

  •  Ingested air
  •  New oil additions
  •  Poor seals
  •  Missing gaskets
  •  Hydraulic cylinders
  •  Poor parts storage
  •  Rebuilds
  •  Wear debris

In some cases, removing contamination can cost about 10 times more than excluding it. Executing a contamination control strategy that sets cleanliness targets, implements best practices, and measures results is critical to extending the life of equipment.

Tip Provided By: Nekasha Pratt, Fluid Handling Product Manager
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