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Scheduled Compliance is Arguably the Most Important KPI for Improving Work Management

Being successful here quickly identifies success in many other processes and KPIs. Let's be clear - 100% of available maintenance man-hours must be scheduled. Some organizations plan for emergencies by not scheduling all available man-hours. There is no such accommodation for this in a World Class organization. This only declares emergencies are acceptable. They are not.

PM Compliance is something most companies measure.

100% compliance is the goal but what makes the PM compliant?

Does completing PM before or on a certain date constitute compliance, or perhaps within +/- 10 or 20% of the cycle, or some other guideline? Do you require the completed PMs to have Time and History entered in the CMMS in order for them to be considered compliant? Is PM Compliance really that important if the PMs are not effective in ensuring reliability? Yes, it is, but you should note that PM Compliance itself does not mean PM Effectiveness.

Tip provided by Ricky Smith, CMRP and David Martin, CMRP, Co-Authors of Maintenance and Reliability Metrics, KPIs 101 - Keeping it Simple

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