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Set a Schedule and Make Maintenance Easy to Understand

Every piece of equipment in your facility has a lifespan. And each lifespan is contingent on your ability to keep up with regular maintenance and servicing. The more complex your facility is, the more important it is to maintain a detailed schedule for required maintenance. Don't be fooled into thinking that bi-annual across-the-board maintenance checks will suffice for every single machine. Some machines are used more rigorously and require more frequent maintenance, and others must be lubed daily to prevent more serious issues.

Create a spreadsheet for required maintenance tasks, and include specific dates. Consider adding reminders to a computer-based calendar so that deadlines don't come and go unnoticed. And give yourself about a week's warning so that you are properly staffed and prepared to take on important maintenance tasks.

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Jeff Maree, Product Specialist
Eaton Filtration Online

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