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Specific Tactics of Electrical Preventive Maintenance Inspection

The fundamentals of an effective electrical preventive maintenance program is to reduce the potential for a serious electrical interruption.

The basic rule applying to all electrical apparatus is:

  • to keep it CLEAN
  • to keep it DRY
  • to keep it TIGHT

Do you know what to look for when inspecting your Air Circuit Breaker's Operating Mechanism?

  • Inspect for loose, broken, worn, or missing parts (consult manufacturer's schematics for required parts).
  • Examine for excessive wear of moving parts. Observe that operating mechanisms function properly without binding, hanging, or without delayed action. 
  • Ensure any lubrication is done according to the manufacturer's specifications. 
  • Ensure mechanisms are clean, properly lubricated, and all bolts and screws are properly secured. Repair or replace as necessary.

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