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From a process perspective, a Reliability Assurance (RA) program contains the four quadrants, or elements described below:

A Maintenance Management System

A maintenance management system is the core of the maintenance administration function. It allows effective planning and scheduling, cost management and other administrative and execution capabilities. Such systems are often computerized and known as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Almost all modern CMMS products are very good at administration and execution of maintenance and perform some Reliability Assurance functions. However, in reality, these are very limited and unsuitable for efficient deployment of the remaining three elements of an effective and efficient Reliability Assurance program.

Strategy Review Systems

A strategy development and review system is a system that contains the list of all the plant failure characteristics and the strategy developed to eliminate or best-manage the consequence of unexpected failure. Typical methods of strategy development include Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Planned Maintenance Optimization (PMO).

Performance Loss Data Collection System

A performance loss data collection system is a system that records a variety of downtime categories, rate loss and quality loss at component and failure mode level. Such a system often collects data electronically through DCS or SCADA systems, but then relies on links to strategy development to code and turn the data into valuable information.

Reliability Incident Management System

A reliability and incident management system is a system which controls the Root Cause Analysis and the "Plan Do Check Act" cycle of continuous improvement and failure elimination.

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