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Just in time for 2011, here are the ten steps to follow when laying out your annual training plan. Keep in mind the underlying precepts for any plan: to have the right resources, at the right time, in the right place for the right purpose.

The training plan is more than just a course catalog; it should be the annual business plan for the training function.

Step 1. Identify requirements
• What are your regulatory requirements?
• Does OSHA mandate specific training for your industry?

Step 2. Determine needs
• Has operations / production determined a gap in performance that technical training can address?

Step 3. Establish goals
• Has management set higher or different goals that require increased education or different skills?

Step 4. Determine source
• Internal sources, external sources, or on-the job?

Step 5. Identify who
• Which personnel or facility area need a particular course?

Step 6. Establish the time frame
• Yearly, quarterly, monthly?
• On-shift or overtime?

Step 7. Identify and reserve the location
• Make sure it can accommodate the number of personnel attending comfortably.

Step 8. Determine how the training will be delivered
• Competency Development Plan, lecture, self-paced workbook?

Step 9. Analyze the cost of doing business
• Balance against the efficiency of the process.
o Training is a business, and if costs are not taken into account, we may find ourselves downsized or out of business

Step 10. Document, document, document.
• The training function must communicate what and how it will accomplish its task.

Tip Provided by: Chris Davis, Senior Reliability Consultant

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