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Why Use the Uptime Elements Framework for Reliability Culture Awareness?

The Uptime Elements provides a visual framework.

Easy to follow & set up to prioritize your plan for a successful implementation. The value of a whole site, all in sync with the goals and objectives of the company, and associated with the visual framework, is invaluable. Many times, we are working on the hot topic of the month, like PM optimization, or Asset Condition Management, but are we keeping track of all the activities that help us to be the best at what we do? What if the Quality Team, Engineering Team, Maintenance Team, and Production Team are all using the same visual framework to coordinate and collaborate with each other? This becomes a powerful tool for reporting, identifying roles & responsibilities, and staying on top of the important priorities set by the company.

The Companies who are doing this, are seeing significant gains.

The Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) training, provided by Reliabilityweb, can help you to learn and understand the value. 

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