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The Maintenance Engineer in most companies has responsibility for the preventive maintenance program. If the responsibility for the preventive maintenance program falls to someone else, the maintenance engineer will be a major resource for this individual.

Why the maintenance Engineer? The maintenance engineer typically will have all or some of the following responsibilities:

  • Insures that equipment is properly designed, selected, and installed based on life cycle philosophy
  • Insures that equipment is performing effectively and efficiently
  • Establishes and monitors programs for engine/compressor analysis and vibration and other condition monitoring techniques
  • Reviews deficiencies noted during corrective maintenance
  • Provide technical guidance for Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Maintains and advises on use and disposition of stock, surplus and rental rotating equipment
  • Promotes equipment standardization, recommends spare part levels, and coordinates sharing of spare parts with other asset teams
  • Available for consultation with maintenance technicians
  • Monitors new technology and keeps management/staff appraised on the new developments
  • Champions quality assurance services including shop qualifications for outside services
  • Develops standard and procedures for major maintenance jobs
  • Periodically makes cost/benefit review of maintenance management programs for areas of responsibility and exchanges information across asset teams
  • Provides technical guidance for PM and PdM Programs
  • Monitors competitors activities in the field of Maintenance Management
  • Focal point monitoring performance indicators for maintenance management programs
  • Optimizes maintenance strategies
  • Focal point for analyzing equipment operating data

As these responsibilities are examined, it is clear that the role of the maintenance engineer is asset based, not crew based. In other words, maintenance engineers will be involved in any technical activity (including preventive maintenance) that affects asset performance.

Tip by Terry Wireman, Author, Preventive Maintenance, Book 1 of the Maintenance Strategy Series

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