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Everyone is sure their maintenance resources are busy. But how are they really utilized? Are they maintenance related activities or non-maintenance activities? Are maintenance resources really utilized on non-maintenance activities? Yes they are, and once you start gaining an understanding of how and where maintenance resources are utilized you'll be surprised to see how much non-maintenance work is accomplished.

How do we identify and track the maintenance and non-maintenance activities? Through the utilization of Work Orders and your CMMS, provided you have identified all types of work performed in your organization. Develop work order types for activities routinely performed throughout your organization. Remember to identify maintenance and non-maintenance type work. Some examples of maintenance related work order types are:

· Preventive Maintenance (PM)
· Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
· Emergency response
· Calibration
· Safety
· Corrective (as identified by performing a PM or PdM activity)
· Rebuilds, overhauls, or refurbishments

Some examples of non-maintenance related work order types:

· Projects
· Operator assistance (setting up equipment for production runs)
· Relief (maintenance relieving operators for breaks, etc.)
· Meetings
· Training
· Furniture Moving

You get the idea, base it on what you see at your site. Every time work is performed utilize the work order system with the appropriate work order type and watch the results. Reports of expended hours and associated costs can quickly be utilized to drive appropriate behaviors.

I have personally utilized this information to educate organizations. For example shortly after a marathon meeting with all maintenance resources involved I showed the organization how they had spent $6,000 and simply asked was it worth the cost for the results. Then there is my favorite, an organization that utilized maintenance resources to move furniture around the building. When they were able to see they were spending approximately $25,000 per quarter to accomplish this activity, they quickly realized there were better alternatives.

The work type does tell the tale, if you want to know. Not sure where or how to get started? We can help. People and Processes more than a name it's about the people and giving them sound processes.

Tip provided by Dave Bertolini
Managing Principal
People and Processes, Inc.

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