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10 Years of Reliability Implementation at ArcelorMittal - What We Have Learned

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 37:59
by Scott Piech, ArcelorMittal.

The new focus for ArcelorMittal’s USA plants is on creating MTA Turbo inspection routes, not full blown RCM analysis. This focus helps us for the following reasons:

Modified and reduced the training needed for the program.

Reduced the training required for a reliability engineer to produce MTA Turbo inspection routes:

2 week RCM class reduced to 1-week class

8 day EXP class reduced to 3 days

We only train our ArcelorMittal engineers to produce MTA Turbo inspection routes, not full blown RCM analysis. No need to train for something most areas will never use.

For supervisors, mechanics, electricians, and operators that will be needed to participate as subject matter experts:

3 day RCM class reduced to one 1 days.

Established Senior Management Steering committee

Report out on reliability team progress – focus on completing the inspection routes the reliability team develops and completing the WO’s that result from the inspections.

This has been the #1 issue in areas that we have failed. We don’t do the inspections or complete the WO’s from inspections

Creating a management steering team addressed these issues.