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4 KPIs for Successful Managers in Maintenance and Reliability Organizations

4 KPIs for Successful Managers in Maintenance and Reliability Organizations

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It is always a struggle to determine which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) facilities management should be using to measure maintenance effectiveness and efficiency. Managing without the right KPIs can be frustrating and sometimes dangerous for any Facility Manager. Join Ricky Smith, lead facility investigator for the Secretary of Defense during the 2007 Walter Reed investigation, in this discussion of those KPIs that are the most important to facilities maintenance, the ones to concentrate on within your facility.

In this presentation, you will be exposed to 4 leading and lagging facilities maintenance KPIs that you should be using today in order to effectively manage your facility. When you leave this presentation, you will have validated that you are measuring the correct things, or have obtained new information about KPIs that you should use to ensure successful execution. Ricky's facilities maintenance management experience and his uncanny ability to relate to people at a practical level make this a presentation you will not want to miss.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about 4 KPIs that should be used by facilities management to achieve and sustain success in maintenance.
  • Learn how to properly define KPIs with guidelines and standards for how the goal is reached.
  • Learn how to use KPIs to drive continuous improvement in your facility.
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