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Advancing Operational Excellence with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Advancing Operational Excellence with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 17:00

by Rajiv Anand

The industrial plant of the future is closer than you think. As digitized assets, infrastructure, and processes become standard operating requirements aimed at improving safety, efficiency, and reliability, they've paved the way for artificial intelligence to enable a new breed of intelligent, semi-autonomous or autonomous industrial plants. Specifically, machine learning solutions enable this transformation by predicting maintenance needs in advance, accelerating fault diagnostics, and automatically scheduling and coordinating maintenance at the most optimal time. Driven by fresh data and learning algorithms, these intelligent systems will improve over time, adapting to change and offering long-term business value. In this session, you will learn about the key industrial plant capabilities being enabled by AI, how they work together, and how customers plan to take advantage of them.

The key objective of Operational Excellence is to ensure an efficient flow of value in the enterprise. Enterprise value flows through assets. Today, humans make sure that assets perform their intended functions to keep this value flowing. Intelligent, autonomous assets of the future will become peers to the humans. Both the assets and the humans will be highly digital. How will they collaborate to increase enterprise value and productivity for the future of Operational Excellence?

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