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IMC-2019 Learning Session 38:31 Minutes

by Mary Bunzel, Intel

A couple of pieces of steel get lined up, some more perfectly than others. They’re fed into the press, mostly evenly. Then they get crimped; the amount of torque applied depends on the positioning of the pieces. A robot positions the joined piece in the welding bay, laser aligns the imperfect join. Then a weld gets applied – how long should it weld to achieve the desired bond? Each piece is a little different, depending on all the previous processes. Aligning the actions of all the phases of the manufacturing process with insight that helps them adjust for variables is a journey of many steps. Each one can have a huge impact on almost every metric in a factory.

What are the elements of a technology assisted optimization tool? How can AI play a role in optimizing the right amount of energy used to produce exactly the right quality, every time? This session will feature the building blocks needed for such a solution, along with a practical plan forward on how to assemble your own.

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