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Asset Management and Reliability Leadership from the Bottom Up!

Asset Management and Reliability Leadership from the Bottom Up!

TRC-2019 Learning Session (46 minutes)

By Paul Crocker, Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

I started my journey by maintaining and managing assets which I still do to this day. It really got rolling when my manager gave me the opportunity to learn about asset management in a program through Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) called “Am Kan Work!” which was for teaching asset management for small size utilities in Kansas. I saw tremendous value in it and there was an opportunity for me to make a difference, which lead to learning about reliability and even more about asset management. I’ll talk about how that work started for me, and how I’ve turned it into an opportunity for growth for myself and betterment for my organization. The goal of this presentation is to show that anyone can be a leader for reliability and asset management, and it doesn’t have to be dictated from the top. It can be a ground up grass roots effort. It is always a marathon that’s never quite finished, and most importantly that YOU TOO CAN DO IT!

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