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Uptime Award Winner for Best Lubrication Program - AB InBev

Uptime Award Winner for Best Lubrication Program - AB InBev

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 44:48

by Jeffrey Dake, Yolanda Diaz, & Rick Mullen, AB InBev.

This presentation demonstrates how our successful lubrication program has been implemented in many locations around the world. The program consists of a set of guidelines to show the lubrication teams how to organize areas, implement error proofing tools and perform oil analysis. Eight sections of compiled information were designed to create a lubrication toolkit that serves as a master guide. Progress is measured with a set of evaluation questions in a lubrication “Good Operation Practices.” The evaluation visualizes opportunities and develops actions with accountability. In conclusion, the programs’ success provides us more production stability, contributes to equipment reliability, controls cost and reduces lubrication issues.

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