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Bringing IoT to the Factory Floor

TRC-2019 Learning Session 36:07 minutes

by Ryan Chan, UpKeep Maintenance Management

It’s 2018, but scheduling maintenance and creating work orders is still very manual. Consider a boiler that is known to cause issues when it reaches a certain temperature and vibrational frequency. Currently, the boiler must reach its failure point before a problem is detected and a work order is created. But with IoT, a facility manager can attach a small device to the boiler to monitor its temperature and vibration. When readings hit a “yellow zone” value, a work order can be created within the CMMS. 

IoT implementations like these are currently possible but not widely used. However, as facility managers continue to think of innovative ways to decrease downtime and maintenance costs, they’ll be more receptive to adding IoT devices to their assets. When you consider the cost of IoT devices (a couple hundred dollars) and the cost of significant damage to an asset (thousands of dollars), experimenting with IoT devices just makes sense. This presentation will direct potential IoT implementations that maintenance managers can use to increase uptime and save costs.

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