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Cintas Journey to World Class Reliability

Cintas Journey to World Class Reliability

IMC-2016 Learning Session - 44:21 
by Eric Ayanegui and James Wagoner, Cintas

Cintas Improves Return on Net Assets by 100% Through Reliability Program – This is our StoryFollow Cintas through the reliability journey from having no maintenance or reliability program to a successful reliability program that has achieved results recognized by executives and industry. Journey starts in 2008 with minimal understanding of reliability to corporate wide understanding and support of reliability. This presentation covers elements to develop an effective reliability program for a large corporation. We will discuss how buy-in was achieved throughout 165 different production facilities across the US and Canada and a technician population of 500+. The Reliability program includes the following elements:

•Reliability marketing, logo, and banner

•Training and awareness presentations across all levels of management

•Annual Reliability Scorecard Audit

•Standard preventative maintenance tasks

•Maintenance trainee/apprentice development program

•Maintenance employee development and training

•Maintenance safety certification

•Effective CMMS implementation

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