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Connecting Operational Excellence to the Uptime Elements

Connecting Operational Excellence to the Uptime Elements

IMC Presentation 42:58 Minutes

by Nat Mills and Dave Frye, Kimberly-Clark

As reliability leaders lead their organizations along the journey to world-class performance, they need a proven, consistent method of continuous improvement to power the organization in that journey. This method should provide a structured framework to change the methods, performance and culture of the organization to work in a new way. The methodology should provide a way to coach and grow leaders to give them the skills to lead an organization that integrates operations, maintenance and engineering leading to reliability and business success. Finally, the methodology should provide a sustainment process that enables the organization to “sustain the gains” and not slide back to old habits or performance levels when moving along the journey.

This presentation will explain the concepts of operational excellence (Opx) from real-world implementations and show connections to reliability and the Uptime Elements, and how these connections can be used to amplify impact. We will touch upon each of the Uptime Element categories and demonstrate an application method that can help reliability leaders reach their performance and cultural objectives.

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