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Create 3D Models of Your Assets to Work in a Visual Maintenance Environment

TRC-2018 Learning Session - 41:11

by Scotty McLean, Bentley Systems

Today, maintenance professionals can work in a realistic 3D visualization environment, set up quickly with reality modeling software to create 3D models of your assets from photographs you take of your assets. Wouldn’t your job of maintenance be easier if you could see the assets in 3D to plan and understand the context within which the asset was designed, built, and operated? Now you can work in an immersive 3D environment for asset inspections and health monitoring, reliability and maintenance planning as well as work execution. Other benefits include simplifying training for young maintenance professionals and simplified and more understandable standard procedures. Discover the benefits when you can pinpoint locations and understand the geo-coordinates of the asset and know specifically where you need to inspect and/ or address an issue.