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Digital Twins for Better Collaboration Between Plant Engineering, Operations & Maintenance

IMC-2019 Learning Session 46:22 Minutes

by Aaron Beazley, Bentley Systems and Jan Pawlewitz, Siemens

Digital twins for plant assets significantly reducing operating costs while increasing performance and reliability. Systemic problem is that operations and maintenance do not have access to trusted accurate engineering information. This problem is exponentially worse with IoT data. 

Learn how to lower the total cost of asset ownership by leveraging a digital twin created in the operational phase to aid in plant modifications and updates and keep the digital twin evergreen. Production and Maintenance operate within an open connected data environment collaboratively with Engineering. To be safely relied upon as a twin they must be synchronized to changing actual conditions in the real world. Merely capturing and representing physical conditions, including IoT inputs, can never be sufficient to understand, analyze, or model intended improvements, without also comprehending the “digital DNA” captured in the project’s or asset’s engineering specifications and keep it up-to-date. Apply analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) towards informed decision support.

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