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Edge, Cloud and Reliability

Edge, Cloud and Reliability

IMC-2017 RAP Talk - 21:16
by Jagannath Rao, Siemens

In the manufacturing world, one of the most not talked about phenomena is called the "The Hidden Factory." This can be broadly described as work arounds and other activities which result in poor efficiency, waste and reduction in quality. These phenomena go unnoticed most of the time as the data sources are either too disparate or transparency is lacking due to the inability to address the problem. The reason for the existence of a hidden factory is often multifold and can be categorized into three buckets - a) Reliability issue, both in the process and the machinery, b) Inadequate data transparency to get to the root causes and address them and c) supply chain & logistics bottlenecks.

In this modern age of digital transformation, not only is it possible to address these issues, but in fact a steep change in the manufacturing arena can be made. This demands the adoption of technologies like contextualized data integration, machine learning & analytics and IIoT. This talk is about how Edge Computing, IIoT and adoption of scalable cloud technologies can address and minimize the phenomena of the "Hidden Factory."

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