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Effective Maintenance Cost Optimization While Enhancing Plant Reliability

Effective Maintenance Cost Optimization While Enhancing Plant Reliability

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 41:41

by Mohammed Alghamdi, Saudi Aramco

The following presentation discusses Abqaiq Plants Maintenance Cost Index (MCI) where the maintenance cost optimized while maintaining the high level of plant reliability and availability. As Abqaiq plant is Saudi Aramco's largest processing plant and one of the oldest, the presentation will show how Abqaiq plant corrected the maintenance cost index by moving from 1.4% (red zone) in 2013, 2014, 2015 and before to 0.99% (green zone). Second, how initiatives and best maintenance practices affect reducing the support services cost while maintaining high level of maintenance quality and productivity. Moreover, plant appropriate transfer of cost related to inspection activities and implementing 75 % capacity manpower charges for part of the plant crafts to reflect the real wrench-time work. Furthermore, the presentation will show examples of how utilizing latest technology has improved plant reliability. Finally, will talk about how the company 4 critical behaviors helped to achieve the targeted goals.

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