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Effective Reliability Leadership: Habits of Effective Reliability Leaders

Effective Reliability Leadership: Habits of Effective Reliability Leaders

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 26:06
by Ramesh Gulati, Jacobs

Are you a Reliability Leader (RL) or trying to become one? Basically, anybody, at any level in the organization, can be a Reliability Leader. Anyone who helps another person, a machine or a gadget to do a better job is a Reliability Leader. Question is, are you an effective reliability leader? Do you have the right attributes – habits to be an effective reliability leader? Some of the attributes of good leaders are:

  • They create (or help) create a Vision - see into the future
  • They have the Courage and are willing to take risks
  • They Focus on results - the needs of the organization and the situation
  • They believe in high Integrity / Humility
  • They are great Communicators
  • They are truthful and self-confident
  • Etc..

This paper will discuss how you can form lasting habits, form a culture within you, to do the right things and become an effective Reliability Leader.

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