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Engaging the Plant-Floor: Creating the Reliability Culture with Bottom-Up Drive

Webinar - 1:08:04
By Jason Tranter, Director, Mobius Insitute

Reliability improvement can achieve great financial (and personal) rewards, but you will not be successful if the "plant-floor" operators and trades people are not fully engaged. You have two choices: indifference (and resistance) and therefore failure, or enthusiasm and drive and therefore success. In this Webinar we will explain how successful organizations have engaged the plant-floor and achieved bottom-up drive - and sustained that drive for the long term.

Learning Points

  1. Why you will not succeed unless you have the full support of the "plant-floor" operators and trades people
  2. How to engage the plant floor through training, direct involvement and other techniques.
  3. A list of do's and don'ts - common mistakes and uncommon successful strategies.
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