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From Mentoring to Monetizing: The 4 Conversations You Need to Have for an Effective ACM Program

From Mentoring to Monetizing: The 4 Conversations You Need to Have for an Effective ACM Program

IMC-2018 Learning Session 22:06

by Sean O'Connor, JLL

Good, bad or indifferent, our machines reliability talk to us. Can we say the same for ourselves when we have to interface with other groups? Let's face it, having conversations can be difficult. They can be especially difficult when discussions fall outside of our comfort zones. For instance, information technology and finance may not be at the center of our day to day world, but as the Industrial Internet of Things progresses these areas will play a larger role in our success. Great communicators have this seemly innate ability to shape and contour their message depending on who they are talking to, all the while not changing their principle intent. Managing a predictive maintenance program is no different. For example, a single defect highlighted on a vibration report could trigger a series of conversations across our organization. All of those conversations will have a common theme, but the focus will shift in order to resonate with whom we are actively engaged with at that time. We will discuss the importance of building leadership capital and how we can improve our PdM program by knowing how and when to cash it in. From there we will talk through the importance of understanding how expectations and perspective play a role in gaining widespread participation. There are 4 key conversations that can help you shift from individual contributor to force multiplier.

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