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Hitting Production Goals Using Remote Condition Monitoring of Troubled Assets

Hitting Production Goals Using Remote Condition Monitoring of Troubled Assets

TRC-2019 Learning Session 31:34 minutes

by Abhishek Jadhav, Dynapar Corporation

Just knowing an asset is troubled is not enough to stop production to install a replacement. Today’s maintenance professional needs to be able to answer the questions “how bad is it?” and “when should we act?” to justify shutting down a line in an environment of tough deadlines and aggressive production goals. Our case study will highlight how Koontz-Wagner, a maintenance service provider working with a major food manufacturer, was able to detect an issue early with remote condition monitoring on a rooftop blower critical to maintaining consistent production temperature. Koontz-Wagner was able to remotely diagnose and monitor the problem. They worked with the manufacturer to monitor the worsening condition of the asset and advise the manufacturer to repair the asset during a nightly shutdown with no disruption to production, saving $xxx per hour in lost production. 

The presentation will:

• Explain why the rooftop blower could not be monitored with regular route and the challenges remote assets present to predictive maintenance.

• Discuss how Koontz-Wagner was able to remotely detect the bearing fault and diagnose its level of severity.

• Demonstrate how Koontz-Wagner was able to continue to monitor the asset remotely and be in control of the situation while production continued.

• Show the exact moment when a decision was made to replace the asset after a regular shift with no disruption to production.

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