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Holistic Condition Monitoring and CMMS: The Key to Holistic Reliability

Holistic Condition Monitoring and CMMS: The Key to Holistic Reliability

IMC-2019 Learning Session 27:21 Minutes

by Jack Poley, Condition Monitoring International and Matt Boehne, Banetti

While CM (condition monitoring) and CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) are accepted as necessary tools in progressive industrial entities, they are surprisingly rarely integrated or implemented together. It is generally accepted that machinery must be monitored to generate data for intelligent interrogation and the delivery of analytics to stakeholders for effective decision support. So, why are these data sets siloed or left unused more often than not? How do we close this gap in the pursuit of reliability? The presenters will show through actual experience that it is entirely possible for all data, no matter how varied, to be included in evaluating machinery health in order to deliver holistic CM and contribute toward holistic reliability - the ultimate reliability practice. Attendees will leave with an understanding of what data is critical, why, and how to approach solving this problem within their own organization.

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