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How and Why to Change an Award - Winning Asset Management and Reliability Program

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 34:11

by Ray Congdon & Russ Parrish, CBRE

In 2016 CBRE won the Best Work Execution Management Program award at the 2016 International Maintenance Conference (IMC) for our Maintenance Excellence (ME) Program. In 2017 CBRE modified and rebranded ME to Asset Performance and Energy Excellence (APEX). Why in less than a year would CBRE take the ME program and significantly modify it? What made it necessary to change and rebrand a program that was as successful as ME? How did CBRE go about doing it and what have the results been? This presentation will go down this decision making process and journey.

Other aspects that will be covered include:

Detailed explanation of the APEX program

How APEX and the Uptime Elements/Reliability Leadership Institute are intertwined

Varying environments APEX is implemented in – medical, pharma, manufacturing, traditional facilities management, data centers, retail, etc.

Global rollout challenges conquered

How APEX partners with CBREs plan to be “world Class”.

Vision for 2018 and beyond

How APEX fits into CBREs overall reliability and innovation plan

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