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Improving Reliability at Ajinomoto

Improving Reliability at Ajinomoto

IMC-2017 Learning Session 48:46
by Darren Blaha, Ajinomoto and Stan Moore, Emerson

Ajinomoto is embarking on a reliability improvement initiative that is in its genesis. Ajinomoto, located in Eddyville, IA is the primary US producer of monosodium glutamate, (MSG). In a competitive market with increasing demand, Ajinomoto has recognized the need to improve the management of their assets. Increased capacity utilization presents a real improvement opportunity for the site and these improvements started with the recognition that their foundational asset data was inadequate, lacking in both content and accuracy. This is a journey of both cultural change and recognition of the bottom-line business value of a reliable plant.

The primary focus of the presentation will center on building a robust dataset consistent with the tenets of ISO 14224, the configuration and implementation of a new CMMS, asset walk downs necessary for accurate data, development of robust work process flows that fully describe and define the life cycle of a work order from its inception to final closeout and completion, and finally criticality ranking to support prioritized and targeted strategy improvements.

This presentation will discuss Ajinomoto’s journey to improved profitability and capacity utilization through more reliable assets. The challenges encountered along the way, the successes achieved, the benefits realized and to be realized, along with the work remaining will all be discussed.

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