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Internet of Things Source, Connect, Collect, Analyze, Do - Real World Case Examples

TRC-2019 Learning Zone 41:52

by Craig Truempi, ATEK Companies

Maintenance 4.0 Digitalization Forum

This session will share case examples of condition monitoring for rotating equipment and will speak to each topic in the IoT Stack. 

You will learn: 

  • Source: Sensor selection and location matters 
  • Connect: Update rate and edge compute also matters 
  • Collect: Storage and open systems is key 
  • Analyze: How AI is being used in real world examples to avoid the baseline trap 
  • Do: An AI model for Prescriptive Maintenance tasks, and generating an intelligent/automated work order. 

Case studies will highlight:

  • Source: Ultrasonic and vibration sensors
  • Connect: Easy and portable deployment with cellular 
  • Collect: Open access to data with http calls using Rest API
  • Analyze: AI model and feedback proofs to avoid the baseline trap
  • Do: Lubrication fault detection with ultrasonic.
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