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Introduction to Statistical Methods in Reliability

Introduction to Statistical Methods in Reliability

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 45:07
by Wekianos Hailu, Clark County Water Reclamation District

Statistical methods are one of the most important tools in Reliability. Availability and Failures of parts, machinery, and equipment follow certain statistical distributions and it is through a solid understanding of the nature of such distribution that a sound predictive analysis can be made. The analyses results can then be put to use as Decision Support. Specific uses include Design for Reliability, various activities in MRO, Maintenance Strategies as in optimizing Predictive, Preventive and Reactive Maintenance. The presentation will cover the basics of statics and statistical distributions followed by the concepts of Reliability, Unreliability, MTTF/MTBF, Failure Rate and Estimation of Remaining Service Life and other related concepts. The Exponential Distribution and the Weibull Probability Plot will be used in explaining these concepts. Furthermore, worked examples, some of which that are based on real experience will be presented to assist easy grasp of the fundamentals underlying the process. Also presented are the basics of Reliability Blocks for systems with redundancy and standby systems.

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