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Leadership Is Vital to Success

IMC-2018 Learning Zone

by Roger D. Lee, Retired Global Manufacturing Optimization Manager

Leadership is vital to the success of all companies. It is a journey which requires reference points to ensure we remain on course and continue to grow. Almost all companies need more deliberate and focused leadership development. We need leaders who inspire people to follow. We must lead with a vision of the future. It is impossible to get your people where you want them to go if you do not know the final destination. Our employees want to feel that their leader has clarity, confidence and optimism about the future and has a plan with enough detail to show them the steps they will need to take. 

This presentation will define those needed steps as well as the roles and responsibilities required for implementation of successful leaders. As the leader, it is your job to maintain their focus and direction while minimizing distractions. Lead with a can-do winning spirit to drive continual improvement while reinforcing step changes to sustain success. Be available as much as possible to provide guidance and communicate at a level that your people understand. Build confidence in your employees by recognizing and rewarding good behaviors and results. A simple and sincere‚ "Thank you", will go a long way. Coaching is always your job. Coach for performance and lead with questions not answers to ensure your people understand. Leadership is measured by what your followers do. The best way to the next job you desire, is to leave behind an organization that continues to grow after you are gone. Work yourself out of a job by developing your replacement. Make sure that learning, innovation and continual improvement are key attributes for your culture. Keep your people safe so that they can go home each night and return the next day.

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