TRC-2020 Presentation 32:45 Minutes

by Michael Guns, University of Delaware

Maintenance, many times, is done "right now" as opposed to planning it out for a more advantageous result. Questions about maintenance and reliability come up frequently in all organizations. There are always assets that breakdown due to lack of maintenance, design or just from age. They are only as good as their intended design and if not properly reviewed, maintained and monitored these assets will breakdown and fail before they were expected to. What can be done to mitigate this from happening and become Proactive? This presentation will cover three key points for your reliability journey: Leadership, Legacy and Longevity.

Planning is just one part of the journey. Providing your organization with reliable and functional equipment will keep your institution on the forefront of maintainability. Move into a proactive and strategic mindset and set your organization up for success. Don't forget the Legacy of how you got in your reactive mess. Use your Leadership to gain the needed tools for a reliability-based Longevity for the future of your organization. Benefit from knowing that your striving for "Best-in-Class" mentality. The path of the future only needs to begin.

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Reliability Culture Implementation

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Maximo Application Suite for Cloud Service Providers: What’s All the Excitement About?

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RLI Technology Showcase June 29th 11:00 AM ET

RLI Technology Showcase June 29th 11:00 AM ET

You are invited to join a webinar: Reliability Strategy Development (Reliability Engineering for Maintenance) APM Software Vendors Technology Showcase.