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Leadership Principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Leadership Principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming

The RELIABILITY Conference - Keynote Presentation - 59:00 
Joyce Orsini - Author, The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles

Fordham University professor and Deming expert Joyce Orsini draws on a wealth of previously unavailable material to present the legendary thinker's most important management principles in one indispensable keynote.

This keynote reveals Deming's unique insight about:

  • How poor management infects an entire organization
  • The critical importance of management on producing quality products and services
  • Improving management in any company
  • The effective management of people--the manager's single most important task
  • How to educate workers into critical thinkers
  • Ways to preserve statistical integrity while dealing with real-world problems
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